Keep Calm and Adapt

The world has changed. It's time to revisit your digital presence.

Stay Engaged With Your Customers

During this time of social distancing, you can still connect with your customer though various online channels. Namely social media, your website content, and emails. 

This will be very IMPORTANT to your business in the post-crisis era as life eventually gets back to normal. The worst thing you could do is to disengage, allowing your customers or audience to forget about you. It will be much more difficult to rebuild your customer base than it is to maintain it. 

AND... you can automate a good portion of this process in order to reach a larger scale in less time!

An Automated Sales Funnel

Sync all of these elements together to form an automated sales funnel. I can set it up for you and show you how to use it. 

Once the system is in place, it will require very little time on your part to maintain and "tweak" it until you find just the right flow. 

Social Media

Facebook is where you find your audience and engage socially. Not to mention that it is STILL the most cost-effective advertising platform ever seen.

Website Design

The clean, simple type of website that Google just loves for S.E.O.! Designed to satisfy both the search engines and the real people who find your content.

Email Marketing

If we find our audience on social media, and "wow" them on our website, then email is where the conversions take place. Despite all the new widgets, it's still the best.

Here's How It Works:

Targeted Facebook Ads

We are way past the age of effective organic engagement. Facebook's algorithm only allows you to reach a fraction of your target audience... AND it's a real time suck. Cheap, highly-focused ads are the best way to find the right people.

Focused Landing Page

The content on your site much match the content of your ad, and ultimately the benefits of your products or services. But you don't have much time to grab the attention of your website visitors. Make sure that your landing page gets right to the point!

Automated Email Series

Once they give you their email address, then you have an opportunity to build trust and authority. But the strategy has to be tight in order to hold their attention in the sea of information. 

The Digital Marketing Blog

Tips & Tools for promoting you or your business online.

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Don't know where to start?

Give me a few minutes to explain...

Rick Zullo, Digital Marketing Professional

Marketing & Social Media Director

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Faculty Advisory Board

Digital Marketing Instructor

Supplemental Services

Content Strategy & S.E.O.

Your content should have a cohesive theme that binds it all together. I can help you develop a complete plan of your long-term goals and then create a weekly schedule in order to keep your goals focused and on track.

Ghost Writing

The chore of writing can be too time-consuming for busy professionals. If you’d prefer, I can handle that for you, too. I will set up a publishing schedule based on your needs to provide fresh, relevant content for your website and email list.

WordPress Training

I'll train you in the basic WordPress skills that you'll need to maintain, tweak, and improve your site as your needs evolve. I will empower you to control your own online branding and promoting efforts. The learning curve is quick!

Digital P.R.

Digital P.R. often involves outreach to other digital platforms in order to find opportunities for expanding your brand beyond your own audience. Done correctly, it quickly build your online reach, brand recognition, and credibility. 


Check What My Clients Say:

Working with Rick was a great experience from beginning to end. He listened to what I wanted, and delivered it. I was amazed at how fast I got results from my new online platform!

Laura Watson


I can't say enough about Rick's professional, expert, efficient, and thorough approach to creating a website for me as well as  upgrading my blog!

Margie Miklas

Author & Photographer

Everything was great from start to finish, including the ongoing communication. And I was thrilled with the final result... my  website looks fantastic!

Dr. Lisa Ortigara Crego