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Optimizing Your Facebook Fan Page

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Optimizing Your Facebook Fan Page These days, social media is how people connect—often at the expense of meeting in person. The fact that Facebook has taken over popular culture is impossible to miss. With messaging, media posting, and content exchange happening constantly, it’s not a surprise that businesses and brands that want to get noticed are doing so by increasing their visibility on Facebook.

However, that’s now easier said than done. Constant tweaks to the “Edgerank Score” —which determines whose content we see in our feed—have made organic reach more difficult than ever.

And remember, too, that there’s a difference between your personal Facebook Profile and your Fan Page. Your profile is “you,” while your Fan Page is your business or brand. In this article we’ll be discussing the later.

facebookHaving a strong presence on the world’s largest social media community is (potentially) a great way to reach millions of people as they go about doing something they’re already spending a lot of their time on. At the present time, there is no better way to gain visibility for a business or brand than by optimizing your Facebook fan page to showcase all the right elements to capture the attention of the millions of Facebook users. But if you want to stand above the competition, you might have to spend a little smart money, as well.

Looking Professional

It’s entirely too easy to put together a sleek looking web presence these days, so there’s no excuse for your fan page to be second rate. You want any imagery to immediately reflect your brand in a memorable way. Those images should resonate with the viewer, draw them in, and even make them ask questions.

Stick with professional logos and photos only. Never use any imagery you wouldn’t use in a workplace setting, such as embarrassing selfies or memes spouting social agendas. Keep it all business on your Fan Page—and save the silly stuff for your personal profile.

When a user visits your Fan Page, there are two images they will see immediately; the profile picture and the cover photo. The dimensions for the two pictures are precisely as such:

dollarshaveProfile Photo: (possibly your logo) Displays at 160×160 pixels on your Page on desktop computers, 140×140 pixels on smartphones, and 50×50 pixels on most feature phones. They must be uploaded at least 180×180 pixels

Cover Photo: (something that represents your brand’s primary activities) Displays at 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall on your Page on computers, and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones.

When both of these images are sleek, attractive, and color coordinated, users are engaged by the professional appearance of the page, and will view your brand as credible and respectable.

In addition to using quality imagery for your profile photo and cover photo, any photos that are published on the fan site should be high resolution, be relevant, and have captions intended to stimulate discussion.

Keep Information Current

Many small businesses have half-hearted attempts at Facebook fan pages floating around the web that were never completed, or have outdated information. It can be tempting to think of this as a non-issue, but the truth is that it can hurt your brand’s image.

An abandoned social media presence gives the illusion of an abandoned business!

Furthermore, outdated contact information can prevent important potential clients from getting in touch with you. Remember, social media is everywhere, and so is your competition. If you make yourself hard to reach, they will move on to the next choice very quickly.

Don’t Just Post, Be Engaged…Be SOCIAL!

communicateFacebook has the ability to let you do many things, some of which can help you reach your target audience with a bit more ease by getting to know them personally and showing them where you’re located geographically.

As your fan page builds an audience, targeting specific fans in posts you know would be of interest to them by using Facebook’s tagging feature makes fans feel involved and important to your business. It shows them that you are thinking about them and about their interests.

Geotagging is powerful feature that Facebook provides which lets you share your exact location with other Facebook users, who can then view it on a map. This can be very helpful in allowing local consumers to find your business or location, or to find an event where you are representing your brand.

Stagger post frequency depending on what is going on with the business or product, but when things are going as normal, a discussion post about once every day or two helps keeps people engaged with your business. Talk about upcoming ideas and features, and take the opportunity to crowd-source feedback on potential developments. And don’t be afraid to share content from other sources when relevant.

Facebook Ads – Where the Real Magic Happens!


A lot of people complain about the fact that we now have to pay to reach any significant percentage of our own fans. But for smart marketers, this can actually be a good thing. A large percentage of your competition won’t recognize this potential, which for a few dollars a day can give you a huge advantage.

Facebook Ads are the best bargain ever seen for marketers. Period. Learn how to use them effectively and you’ll have more leads than you know what to do with. (Of course, nothing helps a bad product fail faster than good marketing.)

To help you get started, I’ve created this quick guide to targeting your Facebook Ads, which is the most important factor is achieving your desired return on investment.

Simple Professionalism Wins the Day

To sum it up, the best ways to cultivate a highly functional social media presence are:

  • present accurate information without cluttering your feed
  • have a sleek, polished appearance
  • provoke discussion with interesting posts that ask questions
  • engage users personally with real conversations

Social media benefits entrepreneurs today because it allows us to connect personally with our customer base in ways never before possible, ideally in real time. By using social media properly, it is possible to greatly expand the reach of your business or brand. The only limit is the World Wide Web itself.

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Web designer, copywriter, content strategist, funnel builder, and teacher helping individuals and businesses create results-oriented digital marketing campaigns. [email protected]

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