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Affordable Online MarketingThe important difference between my services and other Internet marketing companies can be defined by two features:

1. I offer training and education. Most companies would love to build an elaborate website and then just hand it off to the client. But I know that a website or social media platform or an email list are only tools; and no matter how powerful a tool can (potentially) be, it’s useless if you don’t know how to use it.

2. I love to work with small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Sure, landing the “big fish” can be more lucrative. (I’m not opposed to it.) However, I get more satisfaction in helping the “little guy” achieve his or her online marketing goals. On the Internet, a single person operation can compete with large corporations with the right strategy.

Internet Marketing Bundle—My Flagship Service

After working with many small businesses in recent years, I’ve come up with a complete framework that I can offer an affordable price—and it functions beautifully for most small business ventures. Of course, I customize it for the individual client, but the basic blueprint that I use is powerful and predictable.

It’s also simple, which makes it easy for me to teach, and easy for you to learn. Read about it in more detail here: Internet Marketing Bundle for Small Businesses

Additional Full Services for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

I think that our Internet Marketing Bundle is exactly what most of my clients need. However, I am also aware that there are special circumstances where a client only requires one missing part from their overall plan.

WordPress Training – I start with an initial assessment of all your online platforms to identify possible areas of improvement. Then, together with you,I craft a precise plan to direct your overall strategy. Finally, I spend time coaching you so that you know exactly how to implement the process on a daily basis while keeping your eye on the big picture.

Website Design Services – All businesses and brands today need a website. That said, not everybody needs the $10,000 “Cadillac” version. Some do, but most small businesses can get results with something much more modest. Let’s talk about your needs and your budget, and together we’ll come up with an affordable solution.

Add-On Services for Affordable Online Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy and Ghost Writing – A lot of time and money can be wasted on creating content when there isn’t a cohesive theme that binds it all together. I can help you develop a complete plan of your long-term goals and then create a weekly schedule in order to keep your goals focused and on track.

But the chore of writing can be too time-consuming for many busy professionals. If you’d prefer, I can handle that for you, too. I will set up a publishing schedule based on your needs to provide fresh content for your website and email list.

Or if you have an idea for a writing project—anything from an important email to a full-length book—I can help put your voice in to the written words that project the best of your personal style.

Facebook Ads – The marketing world has never had access to an advertising vehicle as powerful as Facebook Ads. The secret is in their complex and accurate algorithms that can hyper-focus an ad campaign to reach just the right people who are most likely to buy your products or services. And with accurate targeting comes cost-effective advertising. Let me show you how to reach the maximum number of relevant leads for a minimal cost.

Email Marketing Campaigns – Despite all the Shiny New Objects on the Internet, good “old” email is still the best way to close a deal online. Yes, we find our audience on social media (Facebook Ads, for example), and build our authority with our websites and blogs. But direct email is where the actual conversions happen. You have to do it just right to make it cost-effective, and I’ll show you how. Or if you prefer, I handle it all for you.

Public Speaking – I can come to your event and speak on any topic related to digital branding and online marketing. Some examples are “The Latest Trends in Social Media,” “How to Write Web Copy that Sells,” and “Designing the Perfect Sales Funnel.” But I will work with you to cover the topics that are important to your audience.

Education Programs – Although many of the daily tasks in promoting your website or business can be delegated or outsourced, it’s important to have a “big picture” understanding of online marketing and digital brand building. I can customize an education program for you and/or your staff to keep as much of the work in-house as practically possible, if that’s the direction that makes sense for your business. You’ll receive customized training specific for your business, NO generic lessons. Further, I’ll come to you on YOUR schedule at your location; no need to travel or waste valuable office hours.