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I’m Rick, the owner and founder of Simple Digital Branding.

As I often tell my clients, it’s important to define your brand very clearly so that potential customers understand exactly what makes you and your products or services different from the rest of the pack.

And you should be able to state that difference in just one or two sentences. An “elevator pitch,” as it’s sometimes called. My elevator pitch is this:

I’ve created a simplified system geared towards small businesses and individual entrepreneurs that taps into the power of Internet Marketing, without being prohibitively costly in terms of both time and money.

So that’s my philosophy about leveraging the power of the web without becoming beholden to it.

Listen, it’s obvious by now that every business needs to be online these days—but you don’t have to be “everywhere.” It’s easy to get distracted by all the chatter about the latest app or social platform. Don’t listen to it; you’ll only drive yourself crazy.

At the same time, hiring a competent marketing professional is expensive, and not a practical solution for most small businesses. So what I’ve done is to come up with a stream-lined process that consistently produces solid results.

Simple Digital Branding

I honestly believe that the packaged solution is the best option to help most individuals and small businesses achieve their Internet marketing and branding goals.

However, I also offer a menu of services so that the client can customize a plan to suit their needs, if they’d prefer. 

I won’t charge you for an initial consultation. On the contrary, I'm eager to help you create a sustainable and affordable marketing plan so that we can have a long-term relationship. That’s a win for me, too.

So instead of spending hours plowing through dozens of sites, and wasting even more precious time and money on complicated strategies by so called “experts,” let us chat with you and see if we can find a solution that fits your needs right now. I can have you up and running in about two weeks at a very affordable price.

In any case, I offer a complimentary evaluation of your current online presence to get the wheels in motion. No obligation whatsoever, so give it a try!...

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