Website Design Services in Palm Beach County Florida

Website Design Services

Philosophies about website design services are almost as numerous as the number of designers. Aligned with our overall approach to digital marketing, we believe that the design of a website should be as simple as possible and optimized for engagement and conversions. For most brands, the content should be the primary focus, not a lot of distracting visual design services from simple digital branding

What is a “conversion?” Well, how you define it might vary according to your industry or niche, and it also depends on your individual goals.

The classic example of a conversion is when someone buys your product or service. A “sale,” in other words. But it doesn’t have to be that; it could be any number of things, such as…

  • Attending an event that you’re hosting
  • Subscribing to your newsletter
  • Downloading your software application
  • Joining your local Meetup group

In short, an effective website can be your best “salesperson” if designed properly.

Website Design Services: Form Follows Function

So what are some of the elements that lend to a conversion-optimized website?

simple digital branding offers website design servicesFirst, it should be clutter-free and easy to navigate. The menus should be clearly visible with a limited number of options. The fonts should be readable to the average person, usually at 14 or 16 points. The color theme should be simple and consistent. The call to action should be “above the fold” and very obvious. And importantly, it MUST mobile-friendly, as more than half of your page views will be on mobile devices.

Further, the website should be seamlessly integrated with you social profiles and email marketing software. For many businesses and brands, the primary function of a website is to collect the email addresses of targeted leads. This allows you to reach out to potential customers on your terms rather than passively waiting for them to come find you online. Our websites do this extremely well.

Finally, a website should represent the personality of a person and their business. While I don’t suggest visually grandiose sites for most brands, for an artist or musician, this might be an exception. In that case, showing off your artistic side might be the smartest way to promote yourself online.theme-devices-k

At Simple Digital Branding, we have experience in creating websites that get results. Whether it’s part of our Internet Marketing Bundle or purchased as a stand-alone service, we’ll work with you to achieve exactly what you and your business requires. Let’s chat about our website design services and see what we can come up with for you.